Oslo, 18 July 2005

To all members


Dear member of EMPA,

CONGRESS 2005: I have the pleasure to inform you that the Congress of the European Military Press Association this year will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia, 8-12 October.
The congress will start (arrival and registration) on Saturday 8 October, and the participants will leave on Wednesday morning 12 October.
As you may have noticed, there was some uncertainty after the Oslo Congress about who could host the 2005 EMPA Congress. I was very happy when the board received a positive answer from Slovakia. Our colleague Mr. Pavol Vitko confirmed in January that the Slovaks would host the congress. The Slovak Ministry of Defence has generously offered to support it and contribute to the program. The EMPA Board appreciates of course such a good solution, and we thank the Slovaks for been willing to take on the responsibility.
Mr. Erling Eikli, the EMPA Secretary General, went to the Slovak capital last month and visited EMPA members and senior officials at the Ministry of Defence. Now the actual dates are settled, too. The Slovak Organization Committee will present more information soon.

BOARD MEETING: The EMPA Board is scheduled to meet in the beginning of June. In addition to preparing for the congress in Bratislava together with the Organization Committee, the board is also going to discuss possible options for the congresses in 2006 and 2007. We have already been in contact with representatives from some member countries. If you have suggestions you want the board to consider on this or other topics, please let me know!

WHO IS WHO: The booklet “who is who?” which was launched last year, has been very popular, it seems. This presentation of EMPA and its members is only distributed among the members themselves. I hope all members will contribute to the 2005-06 edition. For many of us “who is who” has been a useful tool when we have needed help or information from colleagues in other European countries. If more members contribute, the booklet will be even better. Please send us the information (see below) by E-mail to
1. Title/rank, name
2. Title and name of publication or media
3. Office address
4. Office phone number
5. Office fax number
6. Mobile phone number
7. Office e-mail
8. Private address
9. Private phone number
10. Private e-mail
11. Professional experience (max 20 word)
12. Personal interests (max 20 word)
13. When did you become a member of EMPA?
14. Which year(s) have you participated at the EMPA-congress?

Deadline 1 September.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: Thank you for the letters and E-mail we have received since last year's congress. It is tempting to mention to those of you who were in Oslo, that Lt Gen Sverre Diesen has been appointed a four star general and the new Chief of Defence effective 1 April. General Diesen hosted the farewell dinner on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence during the Congress.

However, 2004 is history. Now we are looking forward to this year's event. I certainly hope that you too will attend the congress in the autumn. Mark the days 8-12 October “EMPA Congress” in your calendar.
See you in Bratislava!

Yours Sincerely,

Tor Eigil Stordahl

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